Healthy Nutrisystem Barbeques


How does one eat less fat and a more balanced diet while still enjoying the pleasures of barbecue? Do you avoid the traditional merguez sausages? What do you replace the usual grilling with? Here are some ideas and nutritional advice from one of Nutrisystem’s meals.

Ingredients for 4 people:

4 large courgettes

Olive oil

200g feta


Salt and freshly ground pepper


1 – Wash and brush the zucchini. Remove both ends and cut the zucchini into cubes.

2 – In a small bowl, mix 2 or 3 tablespoons olive oil, a little salt and pepper and one teaspoon of oregano.

3 – In a bowl, Coat the zucchini with this preparation. Grill the zucchini in the basket of vegetables in direct heat (180oC).

4 – Grill for ten minutes, turning once during grilling.

5 – When cooked, add the diced feta beforehand and cook it for a minute. Your zucchini with feta are ready to be enjoyed.

This is just one of the numerous recipes from Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem understands that the key to sustainable weight loss is not just abstinence but portion control, preparation and healthy choices. All these are highlighted by this barbeque recipe.

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