How Nutrisystem Can Help You Manage Excess Cholesterol

It can be good or bad, it varies with time and according to what we eat and can become the enemy number one of the arteries. Better to monitor your cholesterol to stay healthy. But what are the consequences of excess?

Marina Carrère d’Encausse and Benoît Thevenet explain the effects of cholesterol when in excess in the blood.

Thrombosis, heart attacks, strokes, high levels of bad cholesterol can have very serious consequences. In France, it is estimated that one in four suffer from high cholesterol. The causes are manifold: food, alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle, but it is primarily a matter of heredity.

Everyone makes cholesterol. It is particularly essential for the synthesis of steroid hormones, bile salts, it participates in the synthesis of vitamin D in skin, the liver in most product (about three-quarters), the remaining being provided by food of animal origin. However, we distinguish the good and bad cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance, it is not soluble in water, nor in the blood. It therefore needs move carriers. This is the role of lipoproteins, these structures bring cholesterol from the liver to the tissues and from the tissues to the liver. This dual system is not performed by the same lipoprotein.

High density lipoproteins (HDL) carry cholesterol from the tissues to the liver for disposal and these are they called the good cholesterol (on your analysis, it is the HDL cholesterol). Then there are the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) carrying cholesterol from the liver to the tissues, they capture the blood. The LDL is called bad cholesterol because these lipoproteins are not following the circuit of elimination.

When there is an overflow of cholesterol, it accumulates in the arterial walls. They then form atherosclerotic plaques that reduce the size of the arterial passages and hence the risk of heart attack, stroke or peripheral arterial disease. It is therefore very important to monitor your cholesterol closely.

How Nutrisystem Helps Control Cholesterol

Nutrisystem ensures foods are prepared with less fat. In case of cholesterol, one of the first steps is to adapt its supply. There are specialized hospital consultations. The goal of these specialized consultations is to analyze the eating habits of patients to offer them suitable diet while using Nutrisystem coupons. “We can advise limiting saturated fatty acids which are mainly contained in animal fats and instead favor vegetable fats contained in margarine…” advises Laurie Nafteux, a dietician-nutritionist. “There are no forbidden foods per se. However, be careful with the frequencies and amounts of foods such as meats, eggs, fatty meats…” Educational workshops diet are also organized to allow patients review the basics of a balanced diet. They learn to cook by eliminating the fat and limit the intake of bad cholesterol.

In extreme cases, surgery is required to unclog clogged arteries from excessive cholesterol. Some procedures are designed to restore proper blood flow in the coronary artery. The mammary artery is, in this case, diverted then reconnected to the diseased coronary artery. To restore proper blood flow, a surgeon may begin by visualizing the bad artery. Small springs, stents, are then placed in the artery to make it dilate.

Are the cholesterol-lowering products effective?

Cholesterol-lowering products invaded supermarket shelves. But do they really have an influence? It is debatable whether or not these cholesterol lowering products work or not but a surefire way is to reduce one’s intake rather than look for shortcuts that may not work or bring with it other risk factors. Nutrisystem is certainly a tested and trusted way to reduce bad cholesterol.