Nutrisystem Can Counter the Risks of Growing Up in Cities

Obesity, schizophrenia, behavioral disorders, asthma, diabetes, myopia, these are a few pathologies that are rampant in our cities and our future generations may likely fall victim.

Whether researchers are from Spain (Granada), London or the United States (Ohio), they all agree on one thing: a child living in a city is sometimes up to twice as likely to contract a chronic illness as a child raised in the country. A rather alarmist statistic, which is unlikely to improve in the coming years, the UN estimating that by 2050, 70% of the world population will be people living in cities. This is largely because of the diet of city dwellers as they are more likely to order a pizza while those in the rural areas are likely to cook theirs. But this statistic can be overturned if you’re using a Nutrisystem promo code.

Researchers from the University of Granada found that pregnant women living in big cities have a higher chance of having an overweight child when compared to those who live in rural areas. At issue: a major exposure to xenoestrogens, a type of environmental pollutant present in industrial zones, which behaves like hormones can lead to this. To reach these conclusions, researchers evaluated the estrogenic load of the placenta of pregnant women who delivered a “big baby”.

Beyond abnormal fetal growth, the researchers estimate that xenoestrogens also increase the risk for these “babies cities” of contracting hyperactivity, an infertility, or lung cancer, respiratory tract or prostate.

Diabetes, a chronic disease that kills the most throughout the world, would develop as easily in our large cities than elsewhere. Environmental pollutants are also responsible, according to researchers at Ohio University (USA). Indeed air pollution, difficult to avoid in the city, promotes inflammation, the appearance of fat cells, and thus the risk of having type 2 diabetes. A healthy Nutrisystem diet is all you may need to revert this trend. Indeed, Nutrisystem has meal plans tailored specifically for people living with Diabetes.

It is well known, urban children see less daylight than rural children! This observation would increase, in children, according to researchers from the Australian Centre of Excellence in Vision Sciences, the risk of contracting a severe myopia. The studies of these researchers have shown that exposure to sunlight would release retinal dopamine, a hormone that counteracts the growth of excessive eyeball, the major cause of myopia.

A study at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, by Dr. Glyn Lewis, also shows that the rate of schizophrenia is twice as high in men who have grown up in the city rather than the countryside. Dr. Glyn Lewis also believes that urban residents have a risk of 39% higher of having depression or behavioral disorders than those living in the countryside.

In 2050, we will probably be around 9 billion on this planet. Perhaps another reason for some to adopt rural life. For those who can’t, there is always Nutrisystem.